Our goal is to show you a great time when you book an adventure with High Caliber. We’re passionate in our commitment to you, the client. We’ll make sure that you go home talking about your time with us for years to come, and have you planning your next trip with all your buddies even before you leave. We’ll feed you right, give you a memorable camp experience, and provide excellent opportunities to fulfill the purpose of your trip, be it hunting, fishing, quadding, or whatever. Our team of experts are trained to provide the best knowledge and service when it comes to jet boat builds, best areas for hunting and exploring, and safety in the coastal mountains and valleys. We live for the thrill of enjoying the open waters and forest floors – and we love sharing these experiences with you.

In 2004 Jamie Reynolds began dreaming about showing off his backyard, the spectacular southwestern British Columbia. His vision was to give clientele an experience that would present all the things they love about their home. Good times, good food, and good people became their approach to the competitive tourism arena. Jamie Reynolds grew up hunting and fishing all over BC. At a young age he began a life long love affair with the outdoors and particularly hunting. Jamie is an accomplished hunter, with many nice trophies to display (and stories to tell about the one that got away). He is also a highly qualified Jet Boat operator, having toured many of the most challenging waterways in the province. Jamie is a reputable taxidermist, with many fine pieces to display. With many guided trips already under his belt and a degree in conservation to demonstrate his commitment to our ecosystem, Jamie is one of the foremost guides in the area.
Reinforce Your Ride Is your jet boat in need of some refurbishment? We offer jet boat repairs to make your ride look and perform as good as new. We have the equipment and parts to work on almost any model of boat. At High Caliber Adventures, we offer Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) bottom installation. We add this custom bottom to your riverboat with the latest bolt-free attachment system to avoid drilling into your hull and to preserve the longevity of your boat. High Caliber makes pump protectors to guard your pump from damage, installs hull protection to give you a smoother ride, and offers windlass packages for your jet boat. Build A Custom Boat Need a unique build for your adventures? We specialize in building custom 16’ Rimfires, 18’ Short Mags, and 20’ Ultra Mags. We understand that every boater may have different needs. No matter what your requests are, we’ll put in the work to make your boat design dreams a reality.  Universal Dump Trailers High Caliber Offers various versions of liners for commercial application. You may be in need of a dump trailer to safely bring back the successful catch from your hunt. We provide end dumps and side dumps to suit your needs. Our versatile universal dump trailers are the perfect solution for hauling the guns, gear, and vehicles you need for your hunt. Each trailer is designed for easy loading with plenty of storage and mobility. This way, you can spend less time worrying about packing, and more time doing what you love – hunting!

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New to the world of fishing, hunting and exploring? Don’t worry about it! Our friendly, knowledgeable and trained staff are here to help. We want your High Caliber Adventure to be safe, thrilling and unlike any other, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen!