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High Caliber works with you to create a custom jet boat to give you the exact experience you’re looking for.

We have the equipment and parts to customize any model river boat. At High Caliber, we offer Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) bottom installation, using the latest bolt-free attachment system to avoid drilling into your hull and to preserve the longevity of your boat. High Caliber makes pump protectors, installs hull protection, and offers windlass packages for your jet boat.


UHMW Bottoms

Tip your boat onto its side and add a Ultra High Molecular Weight bottom (UHMW), lightweight panels installed on the hull of any aluminum river boat. They create an ultra slippery and durable bottom that give you the ability to slide over gravel bars and bounce over rocks with minimal damage. They take sudden impact, reduce wear of your hull, and outstand any other commercial application. The UHMW is applied with our bolt-free method, the safest and most affordable installation process for aluminum hulled boats. These attachment systems will not void your lifetime warranty on your US built boat, Thunder Jet, Custom Weld, North River, or Hewes Craft.

Pump Guards

Don’t get stranded because of damage to your pump. High Caliber offers pump protectors to protect your pump in shallow or boney water. The 3/8” 6061 T6 aluminum pump protectors not only save your pump from smashing into rocks, they also provide lift for hole shots allowing you to get out of tight situations without damage. They will decrease your RPM’s at your regular cruising speed and reduce the amount of fuel used.

Hull Strengthening

Our team works with each boat to make sure hull strengthening is added specifically to a boat’s build, shape, and use. Adding stringers or plating with 6061 T6 aluminum will not only give you peace of mind when you are charging up boney rivers, it lessens your chances of being stranded in the case of a hazardous impact.

Tunnel Hulls

With tunnel hulls, you are able to run shallower than ever before without sucking up rocks into your pump. Compared to the traditional hull, the tunnel hull gives you added performance capabilities and more hull strength. High Caliber can transform your traditional hull into a brand new tunnel hull.

Windlass System

Our reliable windlass systems are the perfect addition to your jet boat for your next fishing or boating adventure. A winch is a mechanical device used to wind up, wind out, or simply adjust the tension of the rope and chain. Our anchor windlass systems are available in a variety of different unit sizes and chain lengths, and designed to hold your boat in any water condition.

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