Hull Strengthening

BC is a beautifully breathtaking environment that can bring obstacles and challenges to many jet boat operators when exploring the province’s waters. Allow High Caliber to take your boat and prepare it for the journey in the North.


Protection for Peace of Mind

Adding Plastic (UHMW) will strengthen and disperse an impact, but if your hull doesn’t have the structural strength the UHMW will only protect you to a certain point. Adding stringers and/or plating with 6061 T6 aluminum will not only give you peace of mind when you are charging up boney rivers, it lessens your chances of being stranded in the case of a hazardous impact. 

Find the Right Solution for Your Boat

Every boat is different, as well as every operator. That’s why our team at High Caliber Adventures is trained to have knowledge on many types of boats to be able to answer any questions you may have. For best results, please contact us at (604) 819-2016 and we will gladly talk to you about what you can expect of your boat. You invested a lot into your boat and you want it to last. High Caliber will help you achieve a long lasting life for your boat with our years of experience and knowledge in river boating.

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to experience the beautiful coastal mountains of BC  - especially Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver, Southern BC, Alberta, Washington State, Oregon, USA, and Europe.


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New to the world of fishing, hunting and exploring? Don’t worry about it! Our friendly, knowledgeable and trained staff are here to help. We want your High Caliber Adventure to be safe, thrilling and unlike any other, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen!