Build Your Own River Boat... Customization and Aluminum Hulls

Customized River Boats

Let High Caliber add a custom Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) bottom to your aluminum-hulled riverboat using the latest bolt free attachment system.

Using our alumiweld attachment system, we'll rotate your boat hull up and custom fit UHMW-Polyethelene (plastic) panels to the contact area of your hull in order to create an ultra slippery and durable bottom that will give you the ability to slide over gravel bars and bounce over rocks with minimal damage.

We attach UHMW via aluminum washers that are countersunk into the plastic at strategic locations on your hull and then filled with aluminum weld to create an ultra strong, HOLE & BOLT FREE finish. No holes drilled through your hull, no overtaxed bilge pumps, no ripping up your expensive interior to gain access to elongated bolt holes that allow water to stream in. Leak free, guaranteed!

Advantages Of A UHMW Bottom:Customized River Boats
Slide over obstacles (gravel) with ease
High tensile strength disperses sudden impact
Self lubricating which means less friction
Reduces wear of your hull and protects your investment
Cheaper than an aluminum keel plate, & more slippery too!
Won't create pitting of your expensive aluminum hull like a steel QT plate will. NO RUST!
UHMW is lightweight and abrasion resistant, far outlasting steel in commercial applications
Can be replaced and repaired with greater ease than other hull protection methods

Advantages VS Other UHMW Attachment Methods:
Customized River Boats
Can be added to any aluminum-hulled boat, without removing the interior.
Is less expensive than keel plate/tap methods.
Does not require bolting through your hull. NO HOLES!
Only costs a fraction compared to the bonding glue system




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