Jamie Reynolds grew up hunting and fishing all over BC. At a young age he began a lifelong love affair with the outdoors and particularly hunting. In 2004 Jamie Reynolds began dreaming about showing off his backyard—the spectacular southwestern British Columbia.

Jamie started his family-run business through the constant support of his family and friends, and their shared love for everything outdoors. This passion has truly become the mission for High Caliber.

From the very beginning it’s been about more than selling boats, but giving his clients the opportunity to find this same experience and passion. Good times, good food, and good people became his approach to the competitive tourism arena. His team works hard to test the natural but unforgiving terrain of BC’s rivers so they can give customers an experience they will never forget.

Jamie is an accomplished hunter, with many trophies to display (and stories to tell about the one that got away). He is also a highly qualified jet boat operator, having toured many of the most challenging waterways in the province. Jamie is a reputable taxidermist, with many fine pieces to display. With many guided trips already under his belt and a degree in conservation to demonstrate his commitment to our ecosystem, Jamie is one of the foremost guides in the area.

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