Get the most out of your jet boat

And have the time of your life.
There’s no denying that jet boats are tons of fun. They’re fast (jet-powered!), can turn on a dime, and can go into shallower waters that other boats cannot. Whether you want to go fishing, tubing, or just cruise around on the open water, High Caliber Adventures has everything you need to get your jet boat ready to take on whatever you throw it at!

When it comes to reinforcing and upgrading your jet boat, we highly recommend Hull Strengthening. It protects your boat against impacts, which will come in very handy in BC’s rocky rivers, while at the same time lessening your chance of being stranded if you hit something particularly hard.

Our UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) bottoms pair perfectly with a strengthened hull, as the slippery UHMW polyethylene panels reduce friction, allowing you to slide over gravel bars and bounce over rocks with minimal damage. To maximize your boat’s longevity, we avoid drilling into your hull when attaching the UHMW bottom by using a bolt-free alumiweld system.

Other jet boat services that High Caliber Adventures offers are:

Pump Guards
Tunnel Hulls
Windlass Packages
Insurance Repairs