Why do I need a pump guard?

Top two reasons you need a pump guard
Decrease damage and fuel usage:
Don’t get stranded because of damage to your pump. High Caliber offers Pump Protectors, which are extremely important when running shallow/boney water. Pump protectors not only save your pump from smashing into rocks, they also provide lift for hole shots allowing you to get out of tight situations without damaging your pump. They also decrease your RPM’s at your regular cruising speed, reducing the amount of fuel used.

Increase durability and value:
High Caliber pump guards are made out of 3/8” 6061 T6 aluminum and are tied securely into the boat for extra strength and durability. The special design of our pump protectors does not affect the reverse performance of your boat. Adding a High Caliber pump protector as a beneficial accessory to your jet boat is sure to also add to the aesthetic value of your investment – keeping it shiny, smooth, and strong!