A jet boat is key to your adventure

Unlock the door to your next adventure.
This summer you can unlock the door to adventure, exploration, and freedom. How? By hitting the water and exploring the best the West Coast has to offer. Jet boats are the key to unlocking the hidden mysteries of the west coast. High Caliber Adventures can help you find that key and discover adventures like you’ve never imagined!

Whether you want to cruise the open water looking for the catch of a lifetime, or are an adrenaline junkie seeking the next best opportunity to explore, High Caliber Adventures can equip you with a jet boat to get you on the water. High Caliber custom jet boats provide safety, sport, and speed so you can truly experience the best of BC.

Where can jet boats take you? Jet boats can let you explore areas of British Columbia in a way that will immerse you in the wilderness and beauty of the province, unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.

Squamish River
The best way to explore the Squamish River Valley and take in all it has to offer is by jet boat. The beautiful Squamish River Valley is home to a lush rainforest lined with spectacularly rugged mountain peaks. It’s the picture perfect British Columbian scene and a jet boat can give you a front seat view!

Fraser River
The Fraser River is one of the largest rivers in the province, with a rich and prominent history. The Fraser River is just waiting for adventurers to seize the opportunity and discover its mysteries. You can take jet boating trips to explore the Fraser Canyon, Hell’s Gate, and so much more.

Lillooet River
The Lillooet River is a major river of the southern Coast Mountains of British Columbia. Thrill seekers will love jet boating its rushing waters, during the spring snowmelt. It’s a unique experience that you could never duplicate!

These are only three of the many places open to jet boat exploring! High Caliber Adventures is proud to have made these experiences a reality for countless customers. For the seasoned jet boat adventurer, High Caliber also offers repairs to make your ride look and perform as good as new. We’ve got the equipment and parts to work on almost any model of boat!